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Carl Gustav Jung Money Quote saying society rewards things which lessen best of personalities. Carl Gustav Jung said:
The achievements which society rewards are won at the cost of diminution of personality Quote

“The achievements which society rewards are won at the cost of diminution of personality” — Carl Gustav Jung


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In this quote, Carl Gustav Jung is making an observation about the relationship between societal success and individual well-being. When Jung states that achievements rewarded by society often come at the “cost of diminution of personality”, he appears to mean that the pursuit of mainstream accomplishments that are praised and rewarded externally, such as wealth, fame or high status careers, frequently involve compromising one’s unique identity and sense of self.

Jung’s view seems to be that the drive for social acclaim and validation can weaken personal authenticity, independence of thought and wholeness of character. Overall, the quote conveys Jung’s perspective that external measures of social achievement do not always align with preserving one’s inner personality and individuality according to this interpretation.

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