Candace Bushnell: Money Wants Art

Posted by admin on Saturday, December 3, 2022

Meaning of Candace Bushnell Money Quote: saying cash wants to be spent, but sometimes can’t afford the class or talent desired. Candace Bushnell said:
Money follows art it can't buy while there's a talent for making money, it takes real talent to know how to spend it Quote

“Money follows art. Money wants what it can’t buy. Class and talent. And remember while there’s a talent for making money, it takes real talent to know how to spend it” — Candace Bushnell


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In this quote, Candace Bushnell seems to be making several points about money, art, talent and spending:

  • She notes that “money follows art”, implying financial success often arises from or is attracted to genuine creative works and self-expression (“art”) rather than the other way around.
  • Bushnell also states that “money wants what it can’t buy” – suggesting wealth or status alone does not guarantee deeper fulfillments like admiration, respect or cultural significance that come from developing true talents and skills.
  • The quote references “class and talent” as virtues that money cannot manufacture but which draw money toward them through popularity and influence.
  • Finally, she acknowledges making money takes certain business acumen, but suggests it requires even greater wisdom and discernment to responsibly allocate wealth to meaningful causes and uses that create value rather than just frivolous displays of affluence.

Overall, Bushnell appears to be conveying that artistic merit and personal excellence will often be financially rewarded in the long run more than crass self-promotion. And once wealth is gained, the sign of true sophistication lies in philanthropically “spending” it to cultivate culture, skills and opportunities for others rather than selfish indulgence alone.

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