Calvin Coolidge: Prosper Progress

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Meaning of Calvin Coolidge Money Quote: saying Prosperity and progress of society go hand in hand. Calvin Coolidge said:

Prosperity and progress of society go hand in hand Quote

“Civilization and profits go hand in hand” — Calvin Coolidge


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The quote conveys Coolidge’s view that civilization and profits tend to mutually reinforce one another, with civilizational progress creating conditions where profit-seeking can flourish, while profits also provide means to support continued societal advancement. He portrays a linked, symbiotic relationship between a society’s level of organization and its capacity for generating wealth.

Coolidge implies that well-functioning, stable civilizations provide environments where commerce can thrive through mechanisms like clearly defined property rights, enforceable contracts, infrastructure for transportation/communication, educated workforces, and stable governance that protects free exchange. This in turn fosters higher profits that fuel further economic growth and development.

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