Buddha: Make for Money’s Sake

Posted by admin on Saturday, January 29, 2022

Buddha Money Quote saying do not make money just for the sake of money. Buddha said:
Do not work to make money for money's sake Quote

“Do not work to make money for money’s sake” — Buddha


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In this quote, the Buddha seems to be cautioning against pursuing wealth or financial gain as an end in itself or the primary motivator for one’s work and efforts.

Specifically, he advises against toiling solely “to make money for money’s sake” – in other words, laboring exclusively for the purpose of accumulating riches as the ultimate goal, rather than as a means to other ends.

The best interpretation is that the Buddha believed working only for the sake of amassing wealth as wealth’s own reward is an imbalanced approach that does not lead to fulfillment or enlightenment. From his perspective, money should not be the sole or defining objective of one’s occupation and industry.

Overall, the quote conveys the Buddha’s view that while financial resources may be a byproduct or benefit of productive work, they should not represent the sole or overriding motivation for one’s labor according to his philosophical teachings on moderation, non-attachment and finding inner peace beyond materialism.

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