BJ Leiderman: How Trump Got Elected

Posted by admin on Monday, February 27, 2017

BJ Leiderman Money Quote saying that opposite types of people got exactly the wrong message during 2016 election, allowing Trump to be elected by poor, weak and stupid voters with help of party loyalists who wouldn’t abandon a dangerous choice. BJ Leiderman said:
How Trump got elected: He's a poor man's idea of a rich man, a stupid man's idea of a smart man and a weak man's idea of a strong man Quote

“How Trump got elected: He’s a poor man’s idea of a rich man, a stupid man’s idea of a smart man and a weak man’s idea of a strong man” — BJ Leiderman


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In this quote, BJ Leiderman is offering criticism of former President Trump and how he was viewed by some of his supporters. The quote suggests that Trump appeals most to people who aspire to wealth but don’t actually have it (“a poor man’s idea of a rich man”), see him as intelligent despite a lack of deep knowledge or thoughtfulness (“a stupid man’s idea of a smart man”), and view him as powerful despite behaviors or traits that could be seen as weak (“a weak man’s idea of a strong man”).

The best interpretation is that Leiderman believes Trump was elected partly because his public image and bluster allowed some voters to project their idealized versions of success, intellect and toughness onto him, even if he may not fully embody those qualities himself based on his actual background and behaviors. It is presenting a skeptical perspective on why Trump’s brand of populism resonated with certain groups.

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