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Posted by admin on Sunday, July 31, 2022

Meaning of Bill Russell Money Quote: saying work harder than you believe you time is worth. Bill Russell said:
If a guy pays you five dollars, you give him seven dollars worth of work Quote

“If a guy pays you five dollars, you give him seven dollars worth of work” — Bill Russell


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In this quote, Bill Russell seems to be emphasizing the importance of going above and beyond what is expected or required in one’s work. Some key points:

  • Russell states that if someone pays you an amount like five dollars, you should put in work equivalent to seven dollars worth of value.
  • This implies he believes workers should strive to be highly productive and provide more value than what they are compensated, not just meeting minimum standards.
  • The quote conveys Russell’s perspective that excellence, effort and maximizing one’s contributions are important, not just doing enough to get by or what is minimally paid for.

Overall, Russell appears to be promoting a philosophy of outperforming expectations through diligent work ethic and exceeding what payment amounts reflect in order to find greater success according to this view that equates high achievement and rewards with giving more than what is asked or paid for through one’s efforts and productivity.

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