Bill Maher: Legal Doesn’t Make it Moral

Posted by admin on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bill Maher Money Quotation saying corrupt and immoral wealth can buy politicians to make nearly anything they want perfectly legal. Bill Maher said:

the rich buy politicians to write laws to say that whatever they want is legal Quote

“In his non-apology apology, Dentist the lion hunter, used the word legal over and over, What he did was legal. Sure because the rich buy politicians to write laws to say that whatever they want is legal” — Bill Maher


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In this quote, Bill Maher is criticizing the dentist who hunted and killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe in 2015. While the dentist claimed his actions were “legal,” Maher argues this defense is disingenuous since wealthy special interests essentially dictate certain laws through their influence over politicians.

His view seems to be that the rich can afford to lobby for legislation that makes activities legal if they so choose, even if unethical, in order to shield themselves from accountability for their actions.

Maher implies the dentist hiding behind claims of legality is hollow given legal standards are often designed to serve the powerful rather than uphold principles of justice or compassion. The quote conveys Maher’s belief that what is legally sanctioned is not always right, and laws can be manipulated by moneyed groups to benefit themselves regardless of broader harm.

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