Bill Gurley on Predictable Money Making

Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bill Gurley Money Quotation saying agreement on future events is a poor investment approach when earnings matter, it’s important to make money. Bill Gurley said:
You can't make money with a consensus accurate prediction Quote

“You can’t make money with a consensus accurate prediction” — Bill Gurley


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In this quote, Bill Gurley is suggesting that making an accurate prediction that most people agree with is not a good way to make money. He implies that to earn profits through investments or business decisions, one needs to make predictions that diverge from the consensus view and later prove to be correct through results, even if they go against mainstream opinion at the time.

The quote conveys that profitable decisions often involve going against conventional wisdom and having the insight not shared by most observers, as consensus predictions are already factored into market expectations and unlikely to produce financial gains if simply confirmed.

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