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Posted by admin on Friday, May 27, 2022

Bessie Delany Money Quote saying money creates most messes and some people need only a nickel for murder motive. Bessie Delany said:
Money is the root of every mess you can think of. who would kill you for a nickel Quote

“Money is the root of every mess you can think of. There’s some folks who would kill you for a nickel. Those are the sorriest folks of all” — Bessie Delany


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In this quote, Bessie Delany seems to be conveying that money is the cause of much conflict, harm and unethical behavior in the world. Some key points:

  • She states that money is the “root of every mess” – implying it lies at the core of many problems and issues people face.
  • Delany acknowledges that some will even resort to violence or murder over very small sums, referring to being willing to kill for a nickel.
  • She describes those who commit such acts for minuscule financial gains as the “sorriest folks of all” – suggesting they are truly depraved or morally bankrupt individuals

Overall, the quote reflects Delany’s perspective that money is the driving force behind much negativity, corruption and loss of humanity as evidenced by those willing to take a life for just a few cents according to her strong condemnation of how the pursuit of wealth seems to destroy morality and compassion for some. Her outlook portrays money’s capacity to bring out humanity’s worst tendencies in certain circumstances.

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