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“Why do Americans pay so much more than Canadians for prescription drugs? Because the pharmaceutical industry has bought the US Congress”
— Bernie Sanders

Banking should be about providing affordable loans to Americans who need to purchase homes and cars, not reckless gambling on Wall Street

“Top bankers have shown no shame for their bad behavior and have made no apologies to the public. The billions and billions of dollars of fines they have paid for financial fraud are just another cost of doing business, another shortcut to unjust profits

“If we let the quest for profits dominate society; if workers become disposable cogs of the financial system; if vast inequalities of power and wealth lead to marginalization of the poor and the powerless; then the common good is squandered and the market economy fails us”

“The billionaire class is very religious. Their religion is greed. It's not enough to own the economy, they want to own the government too”

“I want to make banking boring again. It shouldn’t be about making as much profit as possible by gambling on esoteric financial products”

“Panama is a world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade U.S. taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens. The Panama free trade agreement would make this bad situation much worse.”

“Our country is losing up to a hundred billion dollars every year as corporations stash their money in postal addresses in the Cayman Islands, in Bermuda and in Panama.”

“Some of us believe that it is a good idea to do away with all of these tax havens by which the wealthy and large corporations stash their money abroad and avoid paying U.S. Taxes.”

Pat Bagley Tax Haven

Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

“We are moving toward an oligarchy where we have a government of the billionaires, by the billionaires and for the billionaires”

Citizens United Gettysburg Address by Christopher Weyant, The Hill

Christopher Weyant, The Hill

“I have introduced legislation that would invest $1 trillion over 5 years to modernize our country’s physical infrastructure. This would create and maintain at least 13 million good-paying jobs

“Nearly half of all Americans have less than $10,000 in savings and have no idea how they will be able to retire with dignity”

“Common sense dictates that elections should be determined by who has the best ideas, not who can hustle the most money from the wealthy”

“Major corporations that earn billions in profits stash their money in tax havens and pay nothing in federal income taxes, while billionaire hedge fund managers pay a lower effective tax rate than nurses or teachers”

“Today, the richest 400 Americans own over $2.2 trillion in wealth, more than the bottom 150 million Americans combined”

It is absurd that the top one-tenth of 1% own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%, and that one family (the Waltons of Walmart) has more wealth than the bottom 130 million Americans
— Bernie Sanders

“In my view, if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. Wall Street cannot continue to be an island unto itself investing trillions in risky financial instruments

“Today, the United States is No. 1 in billionaires, No. 1 in corporate profits, No. 1 in CEO salaries, No. 1 in childhood poverty and No. 1 in income and wealth inequality in the industrialized world”

“Let us be clear that the greed and recklessness of Wall Street, where fraud is a business model, has wrecked this economy”

“Congress doesn’t regulate Wall Street. Wall Street regulates Congress, Saying ‘please do the right thing’ is kind of naïve”

Money cannot be
the God of life
— Bernie Sanders

“There are 492 billionaires living in this country and 16 million kids living in poverty

“We now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates

“If billionaires are able to buy elections and elect right wing candidates, there is no way we will ever address climate change, college education affordability, job creation, raising the minimum wage and taking on Wall Street”

“Instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we must make higher education affordable for all”

I do not believe that people fought and died for democracy so that billionaires can buy elections
— Bernie Sanders

“It is not Congress which regulates Wall Street, but Wall Street that regulates Congress. The Solution: The major Wall Street banks must be broken up, and I will introduce legislation to do that”

“We have a corporate establishment whose greed is destroying our economy, a political establishment which is beholden to billionaires and a media establishment which largely ignores the major issues facing working families. We need a political revolution

“Big business is willing to destroy the planet for short-term profits”

“We are in the midst of intense class warfare, where the wealthiest people and the largest corporations are at war with the middle class and working families of this country and it is obvious the big-money interests are winning that war”

“The obscene and increasing level of wealth and income inequality in this country is immoral, un-American and unsustainable

“We should be addressing income inequality, creating a jobs program, raising the minimum wage, passing pay equity for women and expanding social security

“25 hedge fund managers made more than 24 billion, enough to pay the salaries of 425,000 public school teachers

We are rapidly moving toward a nation of the super-rich, by the super-rich and for the super-rich
— Bernie Sanders

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