Benjamin Spock: Maximal Profits

Posted by admin on Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Meaning of Benjamin Spock Money Quote: saying there are alternatives to for business to just maximization of profit. Benjamin Spock said:
quest for maximal profits, to industrialize our country so rapidly - now it's clearly passed its usefulness Quote

“This present system by which industry is motivated exclusively by the quest for maximal profits – though it may have helped a great deal to develop, to industrialize our country so rapidly and so successfully – now it’s clearly passed its usefulness” — Benjamin Spock


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In this quote, Dr. Benjamin Spock is criticizing the exclusive focus on profit maximization by industry. He acknowledges that this system helped rapidly industrialize and develop the country in the past. However, he argues that now, this singular focus on profits has “passed its usefulness”.

He appears to be suggesting that industry should consider other factors beyond just profits, such as social welfare or environmental impacts. In short, Spock believes the system of profit-driven industry alone is no longer sufficient and a balanced approach considering other stakeholders may be needed.

Birthday: May 2, 1903 – Death: March 15, 1998

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