Benjamin Harrison on Financing War

Posted by admin on Saturday, February 9, 2013

Benjamin Harrison Money Quotation saying the cost of running military campaigns makes it challenging to finance their operation. Benjamin Harrison said:
It is often easier to assemble armies than it is to assemble army revenues Quote

“It is often easier to assemble armies than it is to assemble army revenues” — Benjamin Harrison


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In this quote, Benjamin Harrison is drawing a comparison between the challenges of assembling or organizing an army versus assembling the necessary revenues or funds to support an army.

His point is that while it may be relatively straightforward to recruit and gather soldiers for a military force, it is often a much more difficult task to accumulate and collect the tax revenues, appropriations or other financial resources required to adequately equip, supply, pay and sustain that army in the field.

Harrison implies that the fiscal demands of maintaining an army can be among the greatest logistical hurdles, as assembling the troops themselves may be less complex than assembling all the money needed to back them.

So in essence, the quote conveys that financing a military can at times prove even more challenging than assembling the military personnel.

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