Benjamin Franklin: Money is Credit

Posted by admin on Monday, November 29, 2021

Benjamin Franklin Money Quote saying if you have access to credit, then you have access to money. Benjamin Franklin said:
Remember that credit is money Quote

“Remember that credit is money” — Benjamin Franklin


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Benjamin Franklin is saying that having access to credit is essentially the same as having money available. His point is that if you have a good credit rating and the ability to borrow money through loans or lines of credit, then you have the potential to access and spend money even if you don’t have it in your bank account at that moment.

Franklin is emphasizing that credit allows you to obtain and use money in the present, even though you may not have it immediately on hand. So in summary, he is equating credit with having access to money through borrowing.

Birthday: January 17, 1706 – Death: April 17, 1790

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