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Posted by admin on Monday, March 21, 2022

Benjamin Disraeli Money Quote saying everything ends up resolving into money at some point for those whose passions have power. Benjamin Disraeli said:
passions resolve themselves into money. Love, ambition, even poetry, end in this Quote

“As men advance in life, all passions resolve themselves into money. Love, ambition, even poetry, end in this” — Benjamin Disraeli


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In this quote, Benjamin Disraeli is suggesting that as people get older and more experienced in life, their motivations and interests tend to consolidate and focus on the pursuit of money above all else.

Specifically, Disraeli argues that even powerful human drives like love, ambition and creative pursuits eventually boil down to prioritizing the accumulation of wealth. Things that may have inspired passion earlier in life come to revolve around financial objectives in the later stages of living.

The best interpretation is that Disraeli believed as people age and take on more responsibilities, their priorities undergo a transformation where the goal of making and securing money becomes the dominant or overriding motivation that other personal aims progressively serve. From this perspective, the desire for riches is what most passions evolve into being directed toward in the later phases of life.

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