Benjamin Disraeli: Fairness of Wealth

Posted by admin on Friday, December 14, 2012

Benjamin Disraeli Money Quote saying rarely do we agree who deserves their wealth or lack of it, but few debate whether they should be counted among those who belong in that inner circle. Benjamin Disraeli said:
As a general rule, nobody has money who ought to have it Quote

“As a general rule, nobody has money who ought to have it” — Benjamin Disraeli


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In this quote, Benjamin Disraeli is making an observation about the unequal distribution of wealth in society. His point is that in most cases, those who truly need and deserve financial resources due to their circumstances or efforts often lack sufficient money or means of support.

Disraeli implies that the people and communities most deserving of money according to moral standards like need, merit or hard work are frequently not the ones who actually possess significant wealth. The quote suggests there is a disconnect between who “ought to have” money based on fairness and who practically “has” money in reality.

Overall, Disraeli appears to be commenting on how the allocation of economic resources and money frequently diverges from principles of justice, with many deserving parties lacking adequate funds through no fault of their own.

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