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Bell Hooks Money Quote saying class is not conferred simply by having money – it also requires some intellect and knowing. Bell Hooks said:
Class is more than money. Class is also about knowledge Quote

“Class is more than money. Class is also about knowledge” — Bell Hooks


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In this quote, Bell Hooks seems to be saying that class encompasses more than just financial or economic factors. While money and wealth are clearly important aspects of class, Hooks appears to be arguing that class is also defined by the type and breadth of knowledge that one possesses.

She implies that social class correlates with the level and nature of education, information and intellectual resources available to different groups. Hooks’ statement suggests that class divisions relate not only to income and assets, but also to the depth and scope of understanding, perspectives, and ways of thinking that tend to characterize various socioeconomic positions in society.

Her view of class includes both monetary and knowledge-based components.

Birthday: September 25, 1952 – Death: December 15, 2021

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