Becoming Wealthy is Hard

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

a Money saying that we can put our emphasis on whining about how little we have or do the difficult work to have wealth. a saying:
Being broke is hard. Becoming wealthy is hard. Choose your hard Quote

“Being broke is hard. Becoming wealthy is hard. Choose your hard” — Unknown


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Being broke is hard. Becoming Wealthy is Hard. Choose your hard
Being broke is hard. Becoming Wealthy is Hard. Choose Your Hard. sweatshirt

In this quote, the author is contrasting the difficulties of two financial situations – being broke versus becoming wealthy. Some key points:

  • They acknowledge that experiencing poverty and lack of money (“being broke”) presents immense challenges and hardships in life. Merely surviving with insufficient resources is a constant struggle, both emotionally and practically.
  • However, the author also notes that accumulating wealth and achieving financial success (“becoming wealthy”) is equally difficult and requires tremendous effort, discipline, risk-taking and perseverance over long periods of time. It’s not an easy road.
  • The concluding line “Choose your hard” suggests that both paths – remaining destitute or pursuing prosperitywill inevitably involve significant obstacles and difficulties to overcome.
  • But it implies the individual has agency to decide which type or degree of “hard” they want to take on – either enduring the daily hardships of scarcity, or undertaking the long-term hard work of trying to build wealth from nothing through ambitious goals and sacrifices.

Overall, the quote conveys that both poverty and riches present immense challenges, so one must weigh which set of difficulties they prefer to take responsibility for attempting to change through their own choices and efforts over time. It’s about selecting the brand of “hard” that aligns with one’s priorities and tolerances.

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