B.C. Forbes: Debt vs Independence

Posted by admin on Sunday, January 20, 2013

B.C. Forbes Money Quote saying it’s not possible to gauge the political opinions of someone imprisoned by economic shackles. B.C. Forbes said:
The man head over heels in debt is more slave than independent Quote

“The man head over heels in debt is more slave than independent” — B.C. Forbes


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In this quote, B.C. Forbes is highlighting how being deeply in debt can compromise one’s independence and freedom. He suggests that a person who is “head over heels in debt” is more like a “slave” than truly independent.

Forbes implies that owing large amounts of money to others gives those creditors a form of power and control over the debtor. Therefore, being financially obligated through excessive debt prevents one from enjoying complete autonomy over their own life and decisions. His message conveys that being debt-free or low in debt is important to preserve one’s independence and self-determination.

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