Barack Obama: #SOTU Give America a Raise

Posted by admin on Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barack Obama Money Quotation asking Congress in his Jan. 28, 2014 State of the Union message to raise the minimum wage. Barack Obama said:
Give America a raise Quote

Give America a raise” — Barack Obama


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This quote from Barack Obama suggests he was advocating for increasing wages and salaries for American workers. The best interpretation is that Obama wanted to see higher take-home pay for the middle and working classes through policy changes like minimum wage hikes.

By saying “Give America a raise”, Obama appears to have been calling on businesses and government to ensure economic growth was more widely shared with employees through stronger wage growth.

The implication is that Obama viewed boosting typical household incomes as important for a fair economy and strengthening America’s middle class. The quote conveyed Obama’s belief that the nation overall would benefit from more Americans having higher pay through a combination of public and private sector wage increases.

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