Babe Ruth: Wealth Is Attracted

Posted by admin on Saturday, April 27, 2019

Babe Ruth Money Quote saying becoming wealthy is from being open to it and becoming valuable, never by chasing the wealth. Babe Ruth said:
Wealth is always attracted, never pursued Quote

“Wealth is always attracted, never pursued” — Babe Ruth


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In this quote, Babe Ruth is conveying his view that true wealth or prosperity is something that comes to a person, rather than something actively chased after. Ruth seems to be suggesting that wealth is “attracted” when one focuses on other priorities like developing skills, pursuing passions, helping others, contributing value, and maintaining integrity – rather than directly pursuing money itself.

By implication, he means that living according to principles of hard work, contribution and service will indirectly “attract” financial rewards as a natural byproduct, rather than being the goal.

Overall, the quote reflects Ruth’s philosophy that wealth is best achieved as a result of pursuing purpose-driven activities, not as an end in and of itself that must be directly “pursued” through singular money-mindedness.

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