B.B. King: We Didn’t Have Money

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Meaning of B. B. King Money Quote: saying that being born into poor circumstances doesn’t determine your perception. B. B. King said:
I was born on a plantation, and things weren't so good. We didn't have any money. I never thought of the word 'poor' 'til I got to be a man Quote

“I was born on a plantation, and things weren’t so good. We didn’t have any money. I never thought of the word ‘poor’ ’til I got to be a man, but when you live in a house that you can always peek out of and see what kind of day it is, you’re not doing so well. And your rest room is not inside the house” — B. B. King


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In this quote, B.B. King is reflecting on his difficult childhood living in poverty on a plantation in the Jim Crow-era South. Some key points:

  • He states he was born on a plantation, implying he was born into a system of racial oppression and lack of rights/opportunities for Black Americans at that time.
  • King says “things weren’t so good” and “we didn’t have any money”, conveying the financial hardship and lack of basic comforts he experienced growing up.
  • He describes living in substandard housing where you could always see outside due to poor construction, showing the dilapidated conditions they endured.
  • King also mentions having no indoor bathroom, reflecting the very impoverished and deprived state they lived in.

Overall, the quote portrays King’s remembrance of the deep poverty, racial injustices and lack of basic necessities he faced during his childhood on a plantation in the South. It conveys the difficulties and inequalities he had to overcome early in life due to the harsh systemic racism of that era.

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