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Posted by admin on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Art Buchwald Money Quote saying those who are book smart may not actually have real experience to inform their knowledge. Art Buchwald said:
An economist is a man who knows a hundred ways of making love but doesn't know any women Quote

“An economist is a man who knows a hundred ways of making love but doesn’t know any women” — Art Buchwald


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In this humorous quote, Art Buchwald is poking fun at economists. He suggests that while economists may intellectually understand theoretical aspects of relationships (“a hundred ways of making love”), they lack practical real-world experience with actual human connection (“doesn’t know any women”).

Buchwald implies economists are well-versed in abstract romantic notions but do not have meaningful relationships themselves. Overall, the quote lightheartedly questions how applicable economists’ interpersonal theories may be, since according to Buchwald they have not tested such ideas in reality. It appears to be joking that economists’ expertise is more conceptual than grounded.

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