Anthony Trollope on Class, Caste & Cash

Posted by admin on Saturday, March 8, 2014

Anthony Trollope Money Quotation saying being high class with new wealth can’t make up for low caste without old money & social stature. Anthony Trollope said:
Neither money nor position can atone to me for low birth Quote

“Neither money nor position can atone to me for low birth” — Anthony Trollope


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This quote from Anthony Trollope suggests that neither wealth nor social status can make up for or compensate for humble origins or a lowly upbringing.

The best interpretation is that Trollope believed one’s family background and lineage held intrinsic worth that could not be erased or replaced by acquiring money or prestigious employment later in life.

According to Trollope, being born into modest means held a stigma that was permanent and not able to be expunged through subsequent financial success or elevated rank.

The implication seems to be that Trollope viewed one’s inherited class or family pedigree as defining an immutable identity and social worth that could not be counterbalanced by extrinsic measures of prosperity or standing attained separately from birth circumstances.

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