Anthony Pompliano: Seashells or Paper

Posted by admin on Sunday, September 2, 2018

Anthony Pompliano Money Quote saying money systems have evolved to use different measures of value – once carved stones and seashells, today paper and plastic, tomorrow will be digital. Anthony Pompliano said:
People used to use seashells as money. We can’t help but think how primitive that was Quote

“People used to use seashells as money. We can’t help but think how primitive that was. Today we use paper as money. Eventually people will wonder how we could have been so primitive” — Anthony Pompliano


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This quote by Anthony Pompliano seems to be referring to how forms of money and currency can become outdated over time as technologies and societies progress and evolve.

Pompliano draws an analogy between seashells being used as primitive money in the past, to paper money being used today. Just as people now view seashells as a primitive early form of currency, Pompliano suggests that eventually people will look back at our use of paper money in the same way – as being primitive compared to future forms of digital or cryptocurrencies.

The quote implies that as technologies advance, new and more sophisticated forms of currency will emerge that may replace current paper-based forms of money, just as paper money replaced primitive seashell currencies. So the overall interpretation is that Pompliano is commenting on the evolving nature of currency and predicting that paper money too may be seen as obsolete in the future, much like seashells are viewed today.

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