Anthony Liccione: Talk is Cheap

Posted by admin on Friday, December 15, 2023

Meaning of Anthony Liccione Money Quote: saying If we accept the assertion that speaking is cheap, then keeping quiet becomes very expensive. Anthony Liccione said:
If talk is cheap, then being silent is expensive. And many people it seems, can't afford to buy into it Quote

“If talk is cheap, then being silent is expensive. And many people it seems, can’t afford to buy into it” — Anthony Liccione


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Anthony Liccione is making a point about the costs and benefits of speaking up versus remaining silent. The quote suggests that while simply talking or expressing one’s views is relatively inexpensive, choosing to stay quiet and say nothing can actually be quite costly.

Liccione implies that keeping silent sometimes means missing opportunities, failing to address important issues, or allowing misleading narratives to go unchallenged.

The message seems to be that meaningful participation through open discussion, even when uncomfortable, is often less “expensive” in the long run than the passive role of silent observer.

Overall, Liccione argues that meaningful engagement through speech is more affordable and worthwhile than the alternative of saying nothing at all.

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