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Posted by admin on Sunday, November 5, 2023

Meaning of Anne Manne Money Quote: saying when Ayn Rand got old and ill, she used her Medicare & Social Security benefits – she had paid for them. Anne Manne said:

Rand became old and sick, could not afford health care She availed herself of Medicare and ended her life on Social Security Quote

“When [Ayn] Rand became old and sick, she discovered that even a bestselling author could not afford health care in the neoliberal US. She availed herself of Medicare and ended her life on what she had despised – Social Security” — Anne Manne


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This quote from Anne Manne suggests that Ayn Rand, who advocated objectivism and opposed government welfare programs, relied on Medicare and Social Security benefits herself late in life when she became ill and could no longer afford private healthcare costs. Some key points in interpreting this perspective:

  • Manne portrays Rand as a proponent of neoliberal ideology until faced with the realities of aging and medical expenses in the U.S. system she had criticized.
  • She implies Rand’s philosophy was not sustainable even for a successful author when in need of assistance, revealing practical limitations or inconsistencies.
  • However, people’s views can evolve with experience, and reasonable observers may disagree on where to draw lines around social insurance programs.
  • The quote aims to show hypocrisy but a balanced view is that complex issues often involve good-faith disagreements and room for nuanced discussion.

Overall, while Manne wants to highlight perceived contradictions, a fair interpretation recognizes both her perspective and that people of integrity can re-examine stances when confronted with challenges to their theoretical models in real life. Both philosophical consistency and capacity for growth and learning are part of human nature.

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