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Anne Lamott Money Quote saying ethics and character are something we learn by seeing them practiced – some parents raise kids to donate to the red cross and help to save the world. Anne Lamott said:
Moral obligation to save the world. Sent money to the Red Cross, registered people to vote, march in rallies Quote

“I was raised by my parents to believe that you had a moral obligation to try and save the world. You sent money to the Red Cross, you registered people to vote, you marched in rallies, stood in vigils, picked up litter” ~ Anne Lamott


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In this quote, Anne Lamott is describing how she was raised by her parents to feel a strong sense of civic duty and social responsibility. Some key things Lamott mentions:

  • She was taught there is a “moral obligation” to try and make positive changes in the world through various actions.
  • Examples of things she did as a result of this upbringing include donating money to humanitarian causes like the Red Cross, getting involved in the democratic process by registering voters, and participating in rallies/vigils for social or political causes she believed in.
  • She also references more grassroots efforts like picking up litter, showing her parents emphasized hands-on involvement in bettering one’s community as well as larger societal issues.

Overall, the quote conveys that Lamott’s parents raised her with the important values of civic engagement, social justice and taking action, however small, to contribute to positive change according to one’s means. Their teachings left her feeling a moral duty to actively work to “save the world” through various forms of participation and support of good causes.

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