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Posted by admin on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Anne Bradstreet Money Quote saying Hey! Why not a little bit of wealth with that genius? Better than a dope without cash, but either way, I’ll take it! Anne Bradstreet said:
Wisdom with inheritance is good, better than without Quote

“Wisdom with an inheritance is good, but wisdom without an inheritance is better than an inheritance without wisdom” – Anne Bradstreet


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In this quote, Anne Bradstreet is comparing the value of wisdom and inheritance. She argues that it is better to possess wisdom even without an inheritance, than to have an inheritance without wisdom. By saying “wisdom with an inheritance is good”, she acknowledges the benefits of having both qualities.

However, she asserts that wisdom alone, without wealth or property passed down, is still superior to simply having an inheritance or wealth without the quality of wisdom.

The overall message is that wisdom and knowledge are more important and valuable possessions than money or material wealth alone. Having wisdom allows one to make the best use of resources, whereas an inheritance without wisdom could be squandered or mismanaged.

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