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Anna Jarvis Money Quote saying as the promoter and protector of Mother’s day in the 1920’s that no organization should ever exploit Mother’s Day for profit. Anna Jarvis said:
Any business using Mother's Day for getting money, making sales should be held as imposters by proper authorities Quote

“Any charity, institution, hospital, organization, or business using Mother’s Day names, work, emblem, or celebration for getting money, making sales or on printed forms should be held as imposters by proper authorities” — Anna Jarvis


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In this quote, Anna Jarvis is strongly asserting that any groups using the name or symbols of Mother’s Day for commercial gain without proper permission should be considered fraudulent. She states that charities, hospitals, organizations or businesses promoting sales or fundraising appeals that make use of Mother’s Day imagery or references to exploit the holiday for profit-making purposes are essentially “imposters”.

Jarvis is arguing that such entities should face scrutiny or legal action from the authorities. Through this statement, Jarvis appears to be trying to protect Mother’s Day from unauthorized commercialization and maintain control over how the holiday is represented or utilized in business contexts.

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