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Posted by admin on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Ann Robinson Money Quote saying getting money is a bit like getting rid of money, a bit at a time. Ann Robinson said:
Spending money comes in stages, like going broke Quote

Spending money comes in stages, like going broke” — Ann Robinson


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In this quote, Ann Robinson seems to be drawing a comparison between the psychology of spending and going bankrupt. By stating that “Spending money comes in stages, like going broke”, Robinson implies that the process of depleting one’s funds resembles the gradual steps of financial decline.

The quote conveys Robinson’s perspective that extravagant spending, like accumulating debt, does not happen abruptly but rather occurs in phases as expenses mount up bit by bit.

Overall, she appears to be suggesting that overspending money resembles a downward spiral where small indulgences accumulate into a larger problem, just as accumulating debt through multiple small loans can lead to an inability to pay in the long run if not managed carefully.

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