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Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Andrew Yang Money Quote saying Everyone is quick to heap praise and love on front-line critical workers during the coronavirus, but they’d probably be happier with more money than they are being paid to put their lives at risk for work. Andrew Yang said:
Instead of praise most essential workers would prefer a raise Quote

“Instead of praise most essential workers would prefer a raise” — Andrew Yang


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In this quote, Andrew Yang seems to be commenting on the disconnect between appreciation for essential workers during the pandemic and their actual compensation. By stating that rather than “praise”, which was frequently expressed for frontline workers, what they would “prefer” is a “raise”, Yang implies that while gratitude is meaningful, what workers really want and need is higher pay to better support themselves and their families through dangerous jobs.

The quote conveys Yang’s perspective that for workers enduring health risks, acknowledgment of their value is not as impactful or helpful as fair financial remuneration. Overall, Yang appears to be arguing that “a raise” not “praise” is what essential staff truly require in return for shouldering societal responsibilities during the crisis, and that compensation deserves equal emphasis with platitudes of thanks when assessing how best to support such vital labor forces.



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