Andy Kaufman: One Amount, Not Enough

Posted by admin on Saturday, October 1, 2016

Funny Money Quotes: There is never enough money, no matter how much we get, how much we want is always more than what is available to us. Andrew Kaufman said:
There is only one amount of money - just not enough Quote

“There is only one amount of money – just not enough” — Andy Kaufman


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In this quote, Andy Kaufman seems to be humorously but pointedly capturing the universal human experience and perception of money. By stating there is “only one amount of money”, he implies that no matter one’s actual financial situation, the internal feeling is always that there is “just not enough” wealth to fully satisfy all wants, needs and desires.

Kaufman appears to be acknowledging that even for the very rich, the psychological craving for more funds is never fully quenched. The quote conveys Kaufman’s comedic yet insightful view that within each person lies an innate, endless sense of financial insufficiency regardless of objective economic status.

Through this succinct expression, he highlights how the perception of monetary shortage is a shared thread connecting all of humanity, from the poorest to the wealthiest, due to natural human wants exceeding realistic means.

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