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Posted by admin on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ally Mbululo Money Quote saying love is often very difficult to find and then once found, can be challenging to keep – losing loves is far more traumatic than losing a bet or an investment disappearing. Ally Mbululo said:
Love is like money hard to find easy to lose Quote

“Love is like money … hard to find easy to lose” — Ally Mbululo


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Ally Mbululo is comparing love to money by saying that both are difficult to find but easy to lose. Finding true love or a meaningful romantic relationship can be challenging, as it requires meeting the right person, having mutual feelings, and developing a strong emotional connection. Similarly, earning or accumulating money requires hard work and saving over time.

However, once love is found or money is earned, both can be lost relatively easily through breakups, divorces, bad investments, spending habits, or unforeseen circumstances. The quote suggests that losing something as meaningful as love can be even more traumatic than financial losses. Overall, Mbululo is conveying that both love and money are precious yet fragile things in life.

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