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Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Alex Rodriguez Money Quote saying it’s necessary to be a true player and not just the best paid to be great at baseball. Alex Rodriguez said:
There are a lot of components to that (other) than just saying it is the highest salary Quote

“It still comes down to sound baseball decisions, farm systems and then execution on the field by the players. There are a lot of components to that (other) than just saying it is the highest salary” — Alex Rodriguez


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In this quote, Alex Rodriguez is pushing back against the idea that money alone determines success in baseball. While high payrolls give teams advantages, he argues that other factors like strong player development systems, smart management decisions, and players performing up to their potential on the field are just as important, if not more so.

Rodriguez implies that teams cannot simply buy championships by having the highest salaries. They must also draft and cultivate talent from their farm systems, make wise coaching and roster choices, and get top-level production from the players once they reach the major leagues.

In short, A-Rod believes that sound strategy and execution throughout an organization are just as vital as financial resources in achieving sustained success in MLB.

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