Albert Camus: Exploitation Justice

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Albert Camus Money Quote saying the exploitive finance system is not responsible for a free and just society. Albert Camus said:
The society of money and exploitation has never been responsible for justice to reign Quote

“The society of money and exploitation has never been responsible, as far as I know, for freedom and justice to reign” — Albert Camus


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In this quote, Albert Camus seems to be criticizing the notion that a society dominated by money and economic exploitation can truly foster justice and freedom for all its members. Some key points:

  • He states that a “society of money and exploitation” has never, to his knowledge, led to “freedom and justice to reign.”
  • This implies that systems primarily oriented around profit-seeking and the leveraging of wealth to extract value from others are inherently at odds with principles of equality, fairness and self-determination.
  • Camus appears to be conveying that when financial gain and the accumulation of riches for some require the disempowerment and disadvantage of others, true liberty and equitable treatment cannot take root according to this perspective.

Overall, the quote reflects Camus’ view that societies structured around maximizing profits through imbalanced economic relationships that necessarily concentrate wealth and power in fewer hands will struggle to establish and protect the civil liberties, participatory governance and equitable opportunities associated with just, democratic societies according to this critique of the incompatibility between prioritizing accumulation for elites and maximizing individual freedoms when some must lack power for others to hold disproportionate influence and means.

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