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Posted by admin on Sunday, September 15, 2019

Agatha Christie Money Quote saying mystery writers understand that we should follow the money to understand things. Agatha Christie said:
Money ... is always the great clue to what is happening in the world Quote

“Money … is always the great clue to what is happening in the world” — Agatha Christie


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In this quote, Agatha Christie is suggesting that examining how money flows in a society can provide important clues and insights into what is occurring culturally, politically and economically. She implies that money often acts as a kind of “great clue” that reveals broader trends, priorities and power dynamics within a system.

By following the money trail of transactions, investments and wealth distributions, one can gain a better understanding of what motivates and influences people’s behaviors as well as the overall direction a nation or organization may be heading.

Christie appears to be conveying that a close study of monetary movements and influences can be highly informative for interpreting events in the world. The quote reflects her view that money is a core indicator and driver of social and geopolitical changes.

Birthday: September 15, 1890 – Death: January 12, 1976

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