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Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Adam Schiff Money Quote saying corruption is strikingly transparent for Mick Mulvaney when telling bankers that lobbyists who contribute can be heard by members of Congress. Adam Schiff said:
Nothing says 'Drain the Swamp' like telling bankers to give more money to politicians who put banks ahead of people Quote

Nothing says drain the swamp like telling a room full of bankers to give more money to politicians who put the interests of banks ahead of people” — Adam Schiff


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In this quote, Adam Schiff is criticizing the idea that tightening connections between politicians and big banks will somehow “drain the swamp” of corruption in government. Some key points:

  • Schiff is referencing remarks made to bankers encouraging them to donate more money to political campaigns.
  • He sarcastically notes that strengthening the influence of banks over lawmakers by means of increased funding certainly does not match the goal of “draining the swamp” of special interests.
  • Schiff implies it will only further entrench a system where politicians prioritize bank interests over ordinary citizens when making policies and regulations.
  • The quote mocks the notion that soliciting more money from banks to gain their favor translates to reform that removes corruption and makes government work primarily for public interests rather than well-funded lobby groups.

Overall, Schiff portrays such actions as the very opposite of reform, arguing it only deepens the swamp by tightening financial industry control over the political process through increased political donations.


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