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Money and finance is evolving currency & financial technology (fintech), changing business, banks & banking regulations. A single sentence quip or quote from a senator, judge, author or comedian can summarize otherwise dense economic policy and clarify public opinion on the economy. Wall Street money quotes from government, bankers and financial regulators on where money, currency and banking are going.

Find Money Quotes Here: Search Money Quotations from the Rich, Powerful & Famous – Politicians, Comedians, Bankers, Investors and Celebrities have said some outrageous, sometimes hilarious or clueless things about money or poverty. You can even see biblical money quotes by searching at bottom.

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  • Leland Stanford: Labor and Skill

    Leland Stanford: Labor and Skill

    Meaning of Leland Stanford Money Quote: saying money facilitates cooperation between workers and their skills. Leland Stanford said:     “Money is the great tool …
  • Joe Mansueto: Independence Want

    Joe Mansueto: Independence Want

    Meaning of Joe Mansueto Money Quote: saying Money allows the freedom to do whatever you like on your own timeline
  • David Cassidy: Get Paid Fortunes

    David Cassidy: Get Paid Fortunes

    Meaning of David Cassidy Money Quote: saying paparazzi make lots of money for celeb photos and make it all about the money
  • Irving Penn: Earn Money To Care

    Irving Penn: Earn Money To Care

    Meaning of Irving Penn Money Quote: saying earning money with skills to care for the family
  • Suze Orman: In the Dark

    Suze Orman: In the Dark

    Meaning of Suze Orman Money Quote: saying lots of folks are in the darkness about finances, some can turn on the lights for us

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