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Eric Clapton: Blew it at Penny Arcade

Posted by admin on Monday, March 5, 2018

Eric Clapton Money Quote saying in the song ‘Riding with the King’ (with B.B. King) that he blew through his pay check at a penny arcade, even though he was well paid. Eric Clapton said:

I dreamed I had a good job and I got well paid. I blew it all at the penny arcade
— Eric Clapton

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Had a good job and I got well paid. I blew it all at the penny arcade Quote

Chuck Grassley: Estate Tax Spend or Invest

Posted by admin on Monday, December 4, 2017

Chuck Grassley Money Quote saying he believes that the rich are morally superior and deserve to keep everything in the family when they die instead of tax the wealth to contribute back to society. Chuck Grassley said:

I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing, as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies
— Chuck Grassley

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Not having Estate Tax recognizes investing, as opposed to those spending every darn penny on booze or women Quote

Frederick Douglass: Three-Penny Tea Tax

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Frederick Douglass Money Quote saying saying On July 5, 1852, in Rochester speech, “What to the slave is the 4th of July?” He asked why Americans just 76 years before risked their lives to avoid a tea tax, but thought nothing of slavery. Frederick Douglass said:

You can bare your bosom to the storm of British artillery to throw off a three-penny tax on tea; and yet wring the last hard earned farthing from the grasp of the black laborers of your country
— Frederick Douglass

George Eliot: Every Penny a Purpose

Posted by admin on Saturday, September 17, 2016

George Eliot Money Quote saying our priorities change as needs and desires evolve, especially when there’s no goal to focus our energy toward with love. George Eliot said:

Mysterious money had stood to him as the symbol of earthly good, and the immediate object of toil. He had seemed to love it little in the years when every penny had its purpose for him; for he loved the purpose then. But now, when all purpose was gone, that habit of looking towards the money and grasping it with a sense of fulfilled effort made a loam that was deep enough for the seeds of desire
— George Eliot

Malvina Reynolds: Lend Your Magic Penny

Posted by admin on Monday, June 20, 2016

Malvina Reynolds in Magic Penny Money Quote from music saying making use of money increases it beyond original value and makes it grow. Malvina Reynolds in Magic Penny said:
It's just like a magic penny, lend it, spend it, and you'll have so many Quote

“It’s just like a magic penny, Hold it tight and you won’t have any. Lend it, spend it, and you’ll have so many They’ll roll all over the floor” — Malvina Reynolds

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#LuckyPennyDay #NationalLuckyPennyDay May 23
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Susan B. Anthony: Fine an Unjust Penalty

Posted by admin on Thursday, November 26, 2015

Susan B Anthony c1855

Susan B. Anthony Money Quotation saying ‘NO’ in response to a judges fine of $100 for voting when women were not allowed to vote – so she was jailed by the government for that debt. A tax on feminism. Susan B. Anthony said:

May it please your honor, I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty. All the stock in trade I possess is a $10,000 debt, incurred by publishing my paper — The Revolution — four years ago, the sole object of which was to educate all women to do precisely as I have done, rebel against your man-made, unjust, unconstitutional forms of law, that tax, fine, imprison and hang women, while they deny them the right of representation in the government; and I shall work on with might and main to pay every dollar of that honest debt, but not a penny shall go to this unjust claim
— Susan B. Anthony

Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin

J. Paul Getty: Inhospitable Penny-Pinchers

Posted by admin on Friday, October 30, 2015

J. Paul Getty Money Quotation saying the tales of installing pay-phones in his mansion for guest use disturbed him. J. Paul Getty said:

A story to warm the hearts of all who take orgiastic delight in picturing the rich as inhospitable, ungracious penny-pinchers
— J. Paul Getty

Steven Wright on Cost of Opinions

Posted by admin on Friday, April 5, 2013

Funny Money Quotes: Doubling profit for those hearing your 2 cent opinions can cost you if you must express them constantly. Steven Wright said:

Ever notice how it’s a penny for your thoughts, yet you put in your two cents? Someone is making a penny on the deal!
— Steven Wright

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