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Joseph Stiglitz: Bitcoin Money Laundering

Posted by admin on Saturday, February 3, 2018

Joseph Stiglitz Money Quote saying he believes that people want digital currency like Bitcoin only to circumvent the law – so he thinks it will implode without illicit uses. Joseph Stiglitz said:

When you regulate it so you couldn’t engage in money laundering, there will be no demand for Bitcoin Quote
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When you regulate it so you couldn’t engage in money laundering, there will be no demand for Bitcoin
— Joseph Stiglitz

Why do people want Bitcoin? For secrecy, according to the economist Joseph Stiglitz. The world's biggest cryptocurrency should be regulated "out of existence," says the Columbia University professor, seen in @sdawsonphoto's portrait. And it exists only because of abuses to the financial system, he's told us at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There's been intense speculation about whether Bitcoin has peaked. It reached as high as $19,511 before Christmas but is now back down around $11,000. #WallStreet #business #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto #currency #forex #money #finance #invest #investment #economics #rich #wealth #millionaire #billionaire #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #startup #technology #tech #computer #geek #geeks #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #powerful #successful

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Ron Wyden: Money Laundering Trump

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ron Wyden Money Quote saying Money laundering or improper financial dealings with Russian government should be the focus of investigations into Donald Trump campaign. Ron Wyden said:

The committee needs to follow the money wherever it leads. Because if money laundering, corruption of any kind, or fishy real estate deals point to the Russian oligarch’s criminal elements, then the Russian government may only be a step or two away from us
— Ron Wyden

Maria T. Vullo: Money Laundering Bank

Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Maria T. Vullo, New York Department of Financial Services Superintendent said:

“DFS will not tolerate the flagrant disregard of anti-money laundering laws and will take decisive and tough action against any institution that fails to have compliance programs in place to prevent illicit transactions. The compliance failures that DFS found at the New York Branch of Mega Bank are serious, persistent and affected the entire Mega banking enterprise and they indicate a fundamental lack of understanding of the need for a vigorous compliance infrastructure. DFS’s recent examination uncovered that Mega Bank’s compliance program was a hollow shell, and this consent order is necessary to ensure future compliance.” — New York Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo

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