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Toni Fan: Data Deposit & Transfer

Posted by admin on Friday, September 8, 2017

Toni Fan Money Quote saying it’s routine to move money from one bank to another, but we cannot so easily move our data. Toni Fan said:

It’s easy enough to deposit assets, in the form of money, in one bank and withdraw it from another. But it’s far more difficult, if not downright impossible, to transfer personal data
— Toni Fan

Martin Luther King: Bank of Justice Bankrupt

Posted by admin on Monday, August 28, 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr. Money Quote saying in his ‘I have a Dream’ speech on August 28, 1963 that he won’t believe the bank of justice is bankrupt. Martin Luther King, Jr. said:

We refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Maggie Walker: 1st Black Woman Banker

Posted by admin on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Maggie Walker Money Quote saying as the founder of the first St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in 1903, that minority businesses should pool their resources in a black owned institution to thrive. Maggie Walker said:

Let us put our moneys together. Let us have a bank that will take the nickels and turn them into dollars
— Maggie Walker

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Let us have a bank that will turn nickels into dollars Quote

Carlos Torres Vila: Self-Driving Bank

Posted by admin on Friday, July 7, 2017

Carlos Torres Vila Money Quote saying as CEO of Spain’s BBVA Bank that turning control of banking over to chatbots and data mining means technology runs the financial life of bank customers without their attention. Carlos Torres Vila said:

What we can do is leverage data and AI to provide people with peace of mind, really having an almost magical experience
that things in their financial life turn out
the way they want it. It’s almost like a
self-driving bank experience
— Carlos Torres Vila

Dick Bove: Unregulated Bank Regulator

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dick Bove Money Quote saying that Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, (CFPB) can’t be controlled by Trump or any bank. Dick Bove said:

The fear among bankers is that there’s this guy out there, and he can do whatever he wants, and nobody can stop him, I would be afraid too if I were a bank
— Dick Bove

Matt Taibbi: Goldman Sachs Squid

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Matt Taibbi Money Quote saying the investment bank finds all sources of cash to find ways to exploit wherever they exist around the world. Matt Taibbi said:

The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money
— Matt Taibbi

Steve Mnuchin: Bank Stock Thank Me

Posted by admin on Monday, May 1, 2017

Steve Mnuchin Money Quote saying as the new Secretary of the Treasury that his influence on Trump policies helped the markets and bank stocks in particular. Steven Mnuchin said:

You should all thank me for your bank stocks doing better
— Steve Mnuchin

Dan Schulman: Bank Branch in Hand

Posted by admin on Monday, February 13, 2017

Daniel Schulman Money Quote saying as CEO of Paypal that mobile phones make it possible to do all consumer bank transactions from anywhere using banking apps and finance tools online. Daniel Schulman said:

You have all the power of a bank branch in the palm of your hand right now. So basic consumer financial transactions can be done quickly, you don’t need to stand in line
— Dan Schulman

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