Money Words

There are a few words created to describe things we haven’t seen before, many of them have to do with money and finance. We celebrate a collection of words worthy of reflection here. Click through on the attributed author of those words and we share where it was first used when possible.

“Affluenza” — Ray Orrock

“Cashectomy” — Monty Python

“Cryptofinance” — Seth Leedy

“Feebate” — Amory Lovins

“Fintech” — Peter Knight

“Millionerd” — Robert Haught

“Misunderestimated” — George Bush

“Plutonomy” — Sylvia Pfeifer

“Preimburse” — Nathan Smith

“Stagflation” — Origin 70’s Oil Crisis

“Truthiness” — Steven Colbert

(Not strictly financial – but applicable to coming Trump economic policy pronouncements)

“Unicorn” — Aileen Lee

(Startups with Billion Dollar or more valuations)

“UnPresidented” — Donald Trump

(Term not financial – but too good to leave out considering that he first coined the word himself and his contribution to economic chaos that could lead to his downfall)

Money Spelled with Scrabble Tiles

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Money Quotes Daily

Money Quotes Daily