Money Words

There are a few words created to describe things we haven’t seen before, many of them have to do with money and finance. We celebrate a collection of words worthy of reflection here. Click through on the attributed author of those words and we share where it was first used when possible.

“Affluenza” — Ray Orrock

“Cashectomy” — Monty Python

“Cryptofinance” — Seth Leedy

“Feebate” — Amory Lovins

“Fintech” — Peter Knight

“Millionerd” — Robert Haught

“Misunderestimated” — George Bush

“Plutonomy” — Sylvia Pfeifer

“Preimburse” — Nathan Smith

“Stagflation” — Origin 70’s Oil Crisis

“Truthiness” — Steven Colbert

(Not strictly financial – but applicable to coming Trump economic policy pronouncements)

“Unicorn” — Aileen Lee

(Startups with Billion Dollar or more valuations)

“UnPresidented” — Donald Trump

(Term not financial – but too good to leave out considering that he first coined the word himself and his contribution to economic chaos that could lead to his downfall)

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