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Donald Trump: Money Grow From Trees

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying money is not botanical, but mechanical, using formulaic success tropes while dismissing family as the true source. Donald Trump said:

Money may not grow from trees, but it does grow from talent, hard work, and brains – Think Like a Billionaire
— Donald Trump

Nathan Vardi: Contribute Economic Activity

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nathan Vardi Money Quote saying 30 wealthy hedge fund managers make up 8 percent of the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans – those riches don’t contribute to the economy. Nathan Vardi said:

They do a lot of wonderful things and give a lot of money to charity. But 8 percent of the 400 wealthiest people in America is a big number for a group that arguably doesn’t contribute any economic activity
— Nathan Vardi

Bernie Sanders: Big Pharma Drug Prices

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bernie Sanders Money Quote saying Drug companies charge too much for life-saving medication and many ill people who need it can’t afford medication. Bernie Sanders said:

While Americans are suffering and dying because they cannot afford the medications they need, the 10 highest-paid chief executives in the pharmaceutical industry collectively made $327 million in 2015. These executives get richer while Americans die
— Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump: Stupid Not To Show Up

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying it seems silly to not accept money for making a speech if someone wants to pay him for it, especially if they want to pay a lot more than anyone has ever paid before. Donald Trump said:

My attitude is if somebody’s willing to pay me two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars to make a speech, it seems stupid not to show up. You know why I’ll do it? Because I don’t think anyone’s ever been paid that much.
— Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Mexico Border Wall Payment

Posted by admin on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying Mexico will pay for the border wall either through payments or a tax on remittances- but assures us it will occur without a doubt. Donald Trump said:

They will reimburse us for the cost of the wall. That will happen, whether it’s a tax or a payment — probably less likely that it’s a payment,
but it will happen
— Donald Trump

Michael Lind: Banks as Public Utilities

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Michael Lind Money Quote saying banks should be seen, not as high-profit institutions, but instead like a public utility and laws should protect consumers against high interest rates. Michael Lind said:

Banks should be low-profit, publicly-regulated utilities and laws against usurious interest rates, struck down in the U.S. in the late twentieth century, should be restored
— Michael Lind

Donald Trump: Middle Class Wealth Rip

Posted by admin on Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying that the financial crisis of 2008 and collapse of sub-prime mortgage market sent that money overseas, when that mortgage meltdown actually evaporated wealth from economies world-wide. Donald Trump said:

The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all across the world
— Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Nobody Knows Banking

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Donald Trump Money Quote saying adds banking to the long list of things he knows more about than anyone else, ever. Donald Trump said:

Nobody knows banking better than I do
— Donald Trump

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